Current Highlights

  • Cosmic Serpent: Collaboration with Integrity – Published December 2012

    Our latest publication, a legacy document for the Cosmic Serpent project, was published in December, 2012. We'll be posting an e-book soon, so be sure to check back at this website, or go to Sharing The Skies, the IEI Educational Material website.more … »

    Generations of Knowledge – OMSI

    Generations of Knowledge – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) – Generations of Knowledge is a five year National Science Foundation Informal Science Education full scale development project awarded to OMSI, with IEI being a subawardee.more … »

    Imagine Mars Through Native Eyes

    Imagine Mars Through Native Eyes – IEI has been awarded a grant from NASA to develop a program for Native students around the theme “Imagine Mars Through Native Eyes.” The program will be patterned after the existing program “Imaginemore … »

    Native Universe

    Native Universe: Indigenous Voice in Science Museums – IEI is proud to announce their recent award from NSF for a four year Informal Science Education (ISE) grant to fund the project “Native Universe.” We are the lead institution inmore … »

    Cosmic Serpent

    Cosmic Serpent – IEI has completed the Cosmic Serpent grant. The NSF funded program was implemented from 2007 to 2012. Partners in the program were the Space Sciences Lab, University of California, Berkeley (UCB), National Museum of the Americanmore … »

    Sharing the Skies: Educational Resources

    We are happy to announce the third printing of Sharing The Skies: Navajo Astronomy, A Cross Cultural View. Also available are the CD Stars Over Dine Bikeyah, and the poster Dine (Navajo) Universe and original and giclee paintings of Navajomore … »

    Paradox and Transformation

    Paradox and Transformation is published in a peer reviewed journal, the World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium, Volume 2, 2006, by Dr. Nancy C. Maryboy, Dr. David Begay and Mr. Lee Nichol. Download the PDF here.more … »

The Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) was created for the preservation and contemporary application of traditional Indigenous knowledge.


The mission and goals were developed in order to provide awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in the world today. Cultural and linguistic diversity provide strength and richness to individuals and nations. Indigenous ways of knowing contain knowledge that can provide greater sustainability and stewardship of the earth and cosmos, leading to a harmonious, balanced future.

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